We are COLOMAFRUITS SLU, a company dedicated to the wholesale and retail purchase and sale of fruit and vegetables. Founded in 1962, ColomaFruits is one of the leading companies in the sector in Catalonia, thanks to several certifications such as ISO 9001 in quality.

We have a large staff and a team with a lot of experience in customer service, characterised by a personal and direct relationship with both customers and suppliers.

At ColomaFruits we are committed to sustainable agriculture. In our fields we use sustainable development techniques for crop growth, such as integrated pest control or natural pollination, which helps us to guarantee food safety and the quality of our products.

And from the field to ColomaFruits, the produce is stored in the new warehouse in Sant Boi de Llobregat, where we have the latest advances to conserve and distribute our products while maintaining the quality and freshness of the fruit and vegetables.

Our fleet of vehicles allows us to deliver our products quickly and easily, both to clients in the catering sector (restaurants, bars, schools, residences, etc.) and to Fruitadona i Soliterra, our fruit and vegetable shops that you can find in Barcelonès and Vallés Occidental.

In addition, we continue to look for new opportunities to bring our products to more food sectors, such as companies that offer IV gamma products: catering, social canteens, central kitchens, etc.